Learning & Experiments

I’m always trying to push my limits and learn new things. Over the years, I’ve noticed that sometimes I just decide to learn something… and then I drop everything do it, sometimes nonstop for a long time.

Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail horribly. But I want to see what the differences are in the projects I succeed at and the ones I fail at. And I figured the best way to do this is document the processes, gather data, and analyze.

So that’s what this is about. It’s meant primarily for my own personal learning, and I like to have a creative byproduct of my experiences sometimes to look back on, but hopefully others can learn from it as well.

Personal To Do List:

  • Rock Climbing (climb some mountain, starting with very little experience)
  • Yoga (needs goal still)
  • Martial Arts (not sure which yet)
  • All math courses on MIT OpenCourseware  (maybe all the stuff that undergrad math majors do)
  • Functional Programming (pick a new language and write open-source module for it, something that will help the lang community grow)
  • Sculpture  (something full size, realistic, so have to get skilled)
  • Electronics (build robotics system of some sort, and learn what’s necessary to do it)
  • Better sleep (how to quantify?)
  • Shift habits and become a very early riser (5am, or so, but process of how to)
  • Major open-source project from scratch