Easy Way to Grab Data From Yahoo Finance w/ Java

Need to download data from Yahoo Finance using Java?

I wrote this utility as part of larger project and realized it could be re-used. Needed a name, so calling it Y-Financier. Posting here in case anyone else can benefit.

You can download the source code at:

All you’ve gotta do:

  • Grab the code from GitHub
  • Add the Y-Financier Class to your project (copy/paste is fine)
  • Create an instance of the Y-Financier class
  • Pass your class instance the Ticker Symbol of the stock you’re interested in as the first argument (I.e. — “AAPL” for Apple)
  • Pass the name of the file where you’d like to store your data as the second argument
  • Call the #downloadFile method from your instance

And you’re done.


  • This program will always download the most recently available full day’s earnings report. These are usually posted after 8 or 9pm Eastern Time. If you run this program before 8 or 9pm ET, you’ll be downloading yesterday’s report. (Getting real-time stock market data will require a different solution.)
  • This program will always overwrite the previously downloaded file. That setting can be changed, but it will need to be done in the source.
  • I’m using Ben Noland’s implementation for the #saveURL function, found here.

A concrete example of how to use the class can be found in my Main.java file.

If you’re using Java on a similar project, save your time. Y-Financier will make it money. (hopefully.)